#IMMOOC Week 6: A Synthesis Poem

Collaboration Couros

This #IMMOOC experience has been overwhelmingly inspiring and transformational.  How can we choose just three posts to capture this process?  Instead, @ccormier_edu and I collaborated to create this poem that synthesized some of the major take-aways from our six weeks of learning, growing, sharing, doing, and reflecting.


To Be an Innovator…

By @ccormier_edu and @TheEdSandbox


Be flexible not just in seat but in mind,

Stay strong and persevere through the daily grind.

The only way out is to look within,

Always be present, even amongst the din.


Spreadsheets are a tool every teacher should come to love,

Homework? Nah – it gives few the chance to rise above

Don’t assume how your actions are perceived by another,

Appreciate your PLF– love them like a sister and brother.


Positive or negative – which will you spread?

Reflect with your heart and gut – not just your head.

Keep students the center of decisions we make

Sharing matters, no matter which journey you take.


Fly, and help others fly,

Cannonball in and give it a try.

The more we believe in the power of “me,”

The stronger will be our power of “we.”


Disorder interrupts a stale state of mind,

Be willing to accept short term losses – long term success you may find.

Opportunities may not come in the ways we expect,

In order to grow you must reflect.


#IMMOOC wasn’t made for us, but by us,

Blogs, tweets, and chats gave us lots to discuss.

If you’re ever feeling frustration or doubt,

Just remember your WHY: Love is what it’s all about.


Thank you all for helping me to find my people… for me it’s not about what I learned, it’s about what’s next.  I can’t wait to continue to learn from and with you!


PS – for another version of the poem, check out our ThingLink!


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