The Cycle of Action


It really is that simple.  Just do it.

The cycle of action is intriguing.  Our ideas often start as seeds – when we put more time and energy into the seeds, our ideas become revised and refined.  They start to become firmly rooted with a strong foundation, and, again, with time and support they grow into something bigger.  Some seeds become trees – with vibrant colorful leaves and many branches that are all connected to a central trunk.  Some seeds become flowers – a beautiful blossom at the top of a single stalk.  But, in my world, most of those seeds are buried deep in the ground – left untended and unsupported.  The majority of my ideas die before they can become something bigger than what they started as.

Too often, I rationalize the fact that I didn’t nurture my seeds with excuses like time, resources, and environment.  Sometimes, I know that I am just scared to let them grow.  But really, I need to stop looking at my ideas as seeds that require an unbelievable amount of time and attention before they come to fruition.  

We often think of action as something that has to happen from the ground up – we start with a small idea, do some research, revise it, rework it, and let it mold into something we’re proud of.  #IMMOOC has opened my eyes to looking at action in a new way.  Does the foundation always have to be set before you build the house?  No.  Is it OK to jump even though you’re not sure where you’re going to land?  Yes.  Sometimes, you just have to do it.



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